After a life in researchlabs, I started in 1995 as a performing artist after a 4 year study at an art academy in The Netherlands.

I took individual lessons a.o with Benno Sloots, Henk Hage and Henk Wolvers.


I founded, with others, a painting collective, Pentimenti.

I also am a member of K26, a local artists initiative.

I regularly have solo and group exhibitions (list below).


I teach children and adults. A recent project was ‘painting with the demented’. A succesful project aiming to try and communicate with dementing elderly through colours. A film was made about this project; ‘Zeeën van kleur’ ( A Flood of Colours); www.beppielotterman.nl/dvd )



Ionastichting (2x), City of Oss (5x), Elderly Foundation Oss (2x).